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Meet and Greet Session with Japan Dyslexia Society and Dylexia Association of Sarawak


Special Education Unit Ministry of Education received a visit from five delegations from NPO EDGE – Japan Dyslexia Society and Dyslexia Association of Sarawak as part of raising awareness on dyslexia in Brunei Darussalam and exchanging thoughts and knowledge on education system geared toward dyslexics. The greet and meet session was held at Special Education Unit Headquarters at Kampong Pintu Malim.

The delegation, led by founder and Chairperson Eiko Todo was accompanied by President of Sarawak Dyslexia Association President Ong Puy Hoon.

The session was chaired by Education Officer of the Specialized Support Services - Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) of the Special Education Unit Hajah Aminah binti Haji Lamin. During the session, nine students from various schools and colleges participated as they shared their experiences and issues and how they encountered dyslexia during study.

Dyslexia 1.jpeg
Delegates from Japan Dyslexia Society and Dyslexia Association of Sarawak in a group photo with students and parents

dyslexia 2.jpeg
One of the student showcasing his talent to the delegate

Also present was Deputy Head at the SEU Dr Mona Aliana binti Dato Paduka Haji Alimin, officers as well as parents.

In an interview with the Bulletin, Hajah Aminah shared that the visit was part of preparation for the upcoming ‘Asia Pacific Dyslexia Festival 2018 – Global Citizenship, Diversity and Identity – Dyslexia in Asia Pacific’ which will be held in Japan in December.

The project is aimed at raising awareness and to spread educational support and to network between dyslexics, researchers as well as parents from all over Asia Pacific and Japan. The project is a step forward to the World Dyslexia Forum 2020, scheduled to take place in Okayama, Japan.

The Ministry of Education also scheduled a meeting between the ministry and the delegation to exchange thoughts on current laws and policies and on the general education system including for students with dyslexia.

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Sesi Perjumpaan bersama Japan Dyslexia Society dan Dyslexia Association of Sarawak

Unit Pendidikan Khas, Kementerian Pendidikan pada Hari Isnin lalu mengadakan perjumpaan bersama lima delegasi dari Japan Dyslexia Society dan Dyslexia Association of Sarawak yang bertujuan untuk berkongsi-sama pengalaman, pengetahuan untuk menangani Disleksia dan meningkatkan kesedaran mengenai Disleksia di Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Delegasi dari Japan Dyslexia Society diketuai oleh Pengerusi Unit Kemsyarakatan tersebut iaitu Yang Mulia Eiko Todo manakala delegasi dari Dyslexia Association of Sarawak diketuai oleh Yang Mulia Ong Puy Hoon, Presiden persatuan Dyslexia Association of Sarawak.

Juga hadir ialah Timbalan Ketua Unit Pendidikan Khas, Yang Mulia Dr Mona Aliana binti Dato Paduka Haji Alimin.

Sesi lawatan dan kongsi sama tersebut dipengerusikan oleh Pegawai Pendidikan dari Perkhidmatan Bantuan Khusus Masalah Pembelajaran Spesifik Disleksia, Unit Pendidikan Khas, Hajah Aminah binti Haji Lamin bersama sembilan pelajar disleksia, guru-guru dan penjaga pelajar masing-masing.

Pada sesi kongsi sama dan lawatan berkenaan, delegasi tersebut bertemu dengan sembilan orang pelajar disleksia dan mendekati pencapaian serta kejayaan yang diperolehi oleh para pelajar dari pelbagai peringkat umur. Sesi kongsi sama berkenaan antara lain bertujuan untuk NPO EDGE membuat persiapan bagi Festival Disleksia Asia Pasifik 2018 yang dijadualkan berlangsung pada Disember depan.

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