80 Teachers Received Certificates on Introductory Course on Inclusive Education

Nov 20, 2017

Bandar Seri Begawan, 20 November 2017 - 80 teachers comprising of 8 government primary school teachers; 26 government secondary school teachers; 20 private school teachers; and 26 religious school or Ugama school teachers were celebrated yesterday in a certificate presentation ceremony after they had completed the Introductory Course on Inclusive Education. Also in attendance were 17 teachers and 1 parent who had participated in the Braille Grade 1 workshop recently conducted by the Support Services for Students with Visual Impairment under Special Education Unit.

Presenting the certificates of participation to the teachers was the Guest of Honour, Yang Mulia, Puan Anis Faudzulani binti Haji Zulkiflee, Acting Director General and Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary (Higher Education) at the Ministry of Education. The 80 teachers who completed the Introductory Course on Inclusive Education were officially appointed as “Learning Support Teachers”, while the 17 participants of the Braille Grade 1 workshop were also appointed as resource teachers on visual impairment in their respective schools.


Held at the main hall of the Pintu Malim Primary School, the ceremony was organised by the Special Education Unit (SEU) under the Ministry of Education. Attending the event were the Director of the Private Education Section from the Ministry of Education; Head of the Special Education Unit under the Ministry of Religious Affairs; Head of clusters 1 to 6; Principals, Headmasters/Headmistresses including the 80 course participants.

Delivering the Welcoming Address was Yang Mulia, Ali Yusri Bin Abdul Ghafor, Acting Head at the Special Education Unit cum Chairperson of The Organising Committee. In his Opening Speech, he highlighted that continuous professional development plays a pivotal role in assisting teachers in refining their knowledge and skills, and to develop new competencies in meeting the diverse learning needs of students with special needs. He also emphasised collaborative participation and cooperation of all members of the School Based Team (SBT) in particular, principals/ headmasters/headmistresses, teachers as well as parents/guardians in order to ensure that students are provided with the appropriate support and assistance. This in turn will enable students to learn according to their individual abilities and capabilities. Such effort is to realize the implementation of the inclusive education policy in supporting the National Education System for the 21st Century (SPN 21).

Held from July till October 2017, the introductory course consisting of 22 sessions was conducted at the SEU. . It aimed to impart the fundamental knowledge and skills that will support the teaching and learning of students with special needs. The course included an overview of inclusive education; the nature and categories of special needs; how teachers can identify whether their students have a particular learning difficulties; and discussing helpful strategies that can assist in ensuring an active learning experience for these students in classrooms.

The introductory course also seeks to ensure that the teachers have the competencies, understanding, knowledge and skills to facilitate the development and implementation of inclusive education in their respective schools. This is in line with SPN21 in promoting equality and quality education for all.

As a representative of the 80 participants, one of the Ugama school teacher shared the collective reflection of the group on the Introductory Course and what they perceived as the way forward for inclusive education in Brunei Darussalam: “The course has given us plenty of insights on adapting our teaching strategies to meet the diverse learning needs of students with special needs who are currently attending Ugama schools. Hopefully this will enhance the engagement and promote their participation”.

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