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Head of Scholarship Section:  Awang Hj Ibrahim bin Haji Bagol

Provide scholarship for talented and qualified students to pursue higher education. 
Ensure the effective and systematic processes of scholarship awards. 
Provide quality services and management of scholarship. 
Roles of Scholarship Section
Manage the Award of His Majesty’s Government Scholarship Overseas

- Government Scholarship Scheme handle by Ministry of Education (MOE Scholarship).
- Human Resource Fund Scholarship Scheme through Economic, Planning and Development Department, Prime Minister’s Office (DANA Scholarship).
- Brunei Administrative System Scholarship Scheme (BAS) Through Public Service Commission, Prime Minister’s Office (BAS Scholarship).Local
- Transportations.
- Hostel.
- Transport Allowance.
Coordinate Non – Government Scholarship.

- Brunei Shell Petroleum Scheme.
- Royal Brunei Airlines Scheme.
Manage Scholarship for Overseas Foreign Students Tenable in Higher Institution in Brunei Darussalam.
Coordinate Schorlarship Awards From Other Countries / Agencies.
Manage Programme Between University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD) And Brunei Institute of Technology (ITB)

- Twinning Programmes.
- Tutor Scheme.
Coordinate Educational Loan Scheme Sponsored By Ministry Of Education And Local Banks

- Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD).
- Perbadanan Tabung Amanah Islam Brunei (TAIB).
- The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC).
- Standard Chartered.
Registeration Of Private Students To Study Overseas.
Schorlarship Schemes to Study Overseas for Year 2008
Government Scholarship Scheme under Ministry of Education (MOE Scholarship).- Special Scheme for ‘A’ Level.

- Diploma.
- Higher Diploma.
- First Degree.
- Post Graduate (Master) and Professional.
Human Resource Fund Scholarship Scheme under Economic, Planning and Development Department, Prime Minister’s Office (DANA Scholarship).- Special Scheme for ‘A’ Level (BPC).

- Special Scheme for First Degree.
- Special Scheme for Post-Graduate (Master).
Brunei Administrative Service Scholarship Scheme (BAS) under Public Service Commission, Prime Minister’s Office (BAS Scholarship).- Scholarship Scheme for ‘A’ Level.

- Scholarship Scheme for First Degree.
Main Requirements 2008
1.1. Brunei Citizen.
1.2. Credit in Malay Language at  BGCE Ordinary Level.
1.3. Credit in English Language at GCE Ordinary Level.
1.4. At least Credit in 5 (five) subjects GCE Ordinary Level including English and Malay Language.
1.5. Maximum aged limit required before or below by 1st September 2008.
MOE Schorlarship DANA Schorlarship BAS Schorlarship
‘A’ Level-Max 19 years oldMax 19 years old
HNDMax 26 years old--
First DegreeMax 26 years oldMax 35 years oldMax 25 years old
Post GraduateMax 30 years oldMax 40 years old-