DST EduPack give better learning experience for Teachers and Students

May 16, 2020

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-16 at 12.39.01.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2020-05-16 at 12.39.02.jpeg

Ministry of Education (MOE) is working together with DST to make students and teachers learning experience more accessible online with EduPack. The EduPack add-on is available for all DST Easi, Mobi and GO!broadband subscribers and the general apps below will be accessible with the EduPack add-on;

1) OneDrive
2) Zoom
3) Google Drive
4) Microsoft Teams
5) Google Classroom
6) Google Hangout Meets
7) https://teachbrunei.moe.gov.bn
8) http://resource.moe.gov.bn
9) https://ubd.instructure.com
10) http://moodle.utb.edu.bn
11) https://institutteknologibrunei.sharepoint.com
12) https://institutteknologibrunei-my.sharepoint.com
13) http://www.unissa.edu.bn/lms
14) https://lms.pb.edu.bn/
15) https://politeknik365.sharepoint.com
16) https://politeknik365-my.sharepoint.com
17) https://ibtebrunei.sharepoint.com
18) https://ibtebrunei-my.sharepoint.com
19) https://jis.fireflycloud.asia
20) https://www.isb.edu.bn
21) https://isbpre-kindergartenblog.blogspot.com/
22) https://isbkindergartenblog.blogspot.com/
23) https://isbreceptionblog.blogspot.com/
24) https://isbyr1blog.blogspot.com/
25) https://isbyr2blog.blogspot.com/
26) https://isbyr3blog.blogspot.com/
27) https://acisbedu-my.sharepoint.com
28) https://acisbedu.sharepoint.com
29) https://isbrunei.edulinkone.com
30) https://isbrunei.managebac.com

You can now have a dedicated add-on just for your e-learning experience at a rate of $8 for 4GB or $16 for 10GB and it’s cheaper than DST’s pay per use rate and add-on data package rate. When you compare the rate of our EduPack add-on to our pay per use rate, you can save about 96.8% more and about 68% compared to our add-on data package rate when you’re using your data to access these general applications.