Guidelines for

parents and guardians

Guidelines for parents and guardians

Provide learning space for children at home.
Submit children’s Home Learning Pack to school according to the arranged schedule.
Ensure any communication with the teacher or school’s team happen during allocated time.
Support school in helping their children’s learning at home at their own pace.
Support school in monitoring children's learning at home by ensuring that the learning schedule (flexible timetable) is followed.

Guidelines for parents / guardians:


1. Ensure Home Learning provided by the schools / teachers is already collected.

2. Working parents / guardians must consult with the teacher to arrange the appropriate time or way of collecting Home Learning Pack.

3. Parents / guardians must inform the teacher if other members of the family assist in their children's learning.

4. Ensure that the child is ready for the lesson by having a checklist such as:



1. Follow the instructions / guidelines provided by the teacher.

2. Help the children in communicating with their teachers during online learning.


1. Follow the instructions / guidelines provided by the teacher.

2. Assist and monitor children’s learning with appropriate supervision.


1. Fill in the daily or weekly learning checklist that children need to achieve.

2. Assist children in doing and completing their exercises / activities provided by the teacher at their own pace and ability.

3. Ask questions such as: