Guidelines For

Preschool Teachers

Guidelines For Preschool Teachers


1. To provide schedules and ensure two-way communication between teachers, children and parents / guardians through WhatsApp, e-mails, phone calls and others.

2. To provide flexible schedules for delivering exercises / learning activities for children and parents / guardians.


1. To provide flexible daily or weekly schedules for online teaching and learning session or Home Learning Pack.

2. To provide daily or weekly checklists for parents / guardians on the learning development to be accomplished by children.


1. To provide flexible daily or weekly scheduled activities to children (with parents’ / guardians’ guidance) which focus on literacy and numeracy development. For example: phonic lap book, number lap book and theme lap book.

2. To ensure that the online teaching and learning period is done within 15 to 20 minutes per session.

3. To provide additional support and concrete learning resources to children when needed. (Teacher needs to ensure borrowed items are recorded).


1. To provide at least 2 to 3 exercises / learning activities in a day either through online or offline.


Guidelines for online sessions

Guidelines for offline sessions

1. To provide guidelines for parents / guardians in helping children with Home Based Learning for online and offline sessions.