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Towards contribution continuous development and achievement of private education institutions and students.
To provide systematic and effective quality services through continues improvement of procedure in accordance to the policies of Ministry Of Education, Education Order 2003 and Education Regulation 2004.
Head of Section:Dyg Hajah Seroja binti Haji Siau
Address:Tingkat 4, Block D
Ministry of Education
Old Airport Road
Berakas BB3510, Brunei Darussalam
Contact:Tel: + 673 2382621 [Direct Line]
Fax : + 673 2382873
E-Mail Address :
Duties & Functions
School’s Registration
1. Providing advice to applicants who wish to open a new school or other private educational institution.
2. evaluating and analyzing the reliability of applicants (to open a new school);
3. processing and submitting applications for registration of a new school to the respective departments concerned;
4. preparing recommendations to register a new school to be submitted to the Registrar of Educational Institutions and teachers on recommendations/views of the respective Departments concerned;
5. preparing recommendations for the renewal of school’s registration;
6. registration of schools;
7. recommending to the Registrar of Private Education Institutions and Teachers on action to be taken with regard to schools, which are violating the Education Act;
8. analyzing the reliability of school’s registration conditions based on present needs;
9. communicating with respective departments concerned;
10. co-operating with other units within the Private Education Section;
11. operating as a communicating agent with schools;
12. analyzing and assessing reports from department concerned with regard to school affairs;
13. analyzing and assessing reports and complaints before submitting them to the Registrar of Private Education Institutions and Teachers;
14. preparing letters to be submitted to the respective departments concerned;
15. Other duties directed by the Deputy Permanent Secretary (Core Education) and Registrar of Private Education Institutions and Teachers.
Complaint and Enforcement
1. visiting schools for the purpose of appraisal and evaluation;
2. evaluating and analyzing the reliability of the school fees in private schools;
3. preparing the annual report;
4. data updating for the purpose of data entry;
5. identifying the relevancy of courses for teachers in the private schools;
6. solving problems arising from parents and teachers;
7. investigating schools, which are found violating the Education Act;
8. acting as a middleman between school and parents when a problem arises;
9. co-operating with officers from the Immigration and Labour Department with regard to the Quota and employment of foreign teachers by private schools;
10. investigating and reporting of unregistered schools;
11. Other duties directed by the Deputy Permanent Secretary (Core Education) and Registrar of Private Education Institutions and Teachers.
Teachers’ Affairs
1. analyzing the eligibility of application for registration as a teacher;
2. processing applications to register as a teacher;
3. analyzing teachers’ documents or certificates before issuing registration certificates;
4. evaluating problematic teachers and preparing evaluation reports;
5. Preparing teachers’ evaluation from time to time (government’s teachers who are seconded to private schools).
Payment and Data
1. acting as a data bank to the Private Education Section;
2. data updating, from time to time;
3. providing data if there is a need from the respective departments concerned;
4. analyzing and evaluating the validity of the data for the purpose of data entry;
5. preparing the annual report (for Private Education Section) with regards to data;
6. briefing other departments/sections on behalf of the Private Education Section;
7. supervising teachers’ and school’s registration payment system;
8. preparing payment collections’ annual report;
9. acting as an internal auditor.