Guidelines for School and Teachers

Common ways that schools and teachers candeliver online learning during school closures:


Reference students’ IEP to establish how students needs could be met and how to plan students’ learning while at home.

The IEP assist teachers to determine the customisedlearning resources or materials required by students. This also allows for a more efficient coordination of services and support among available human resource to support students with special needs.

For students who have been referred but do not have an IEP, schools may have further discussions with specialists at SEU to determine the way forward.


Special Educational Needs Assistance (SENA) Teachers, Home Room Teachers, and Resource teachers with assistance from Teacher Aides develop online teaching materialsas well as take away home learning packages for students based on their IEP.

A compilation of online resources and reference materials have been made available by Specialists at the Special Education Unit.


Members of SBT for the student continues to be a relevant group that ensures continuous development for students and appropriate support may be provided.

Support from specialists at the Special Education Unit is also available through online platforms as well as telecommunications.

Schools are also advised to utilisethe pre-referral checklists shared with SENA teachers (primary).


Online training by Special Education Unit (SEU) through Brunei Darussalam Teacher's Academy (BDTA) are also made available for teachers to further hone their skills and teach more effectively during these different times.

*The Special Education Unit provides direct support to teachers of students who have been referred Teachers are advised to reference the pre referral checklist shared with respective Special Educational Needs Assistance ( teachers ( to determine the suitability of the referral Following, a referral form may be completed and submitted to the Special Education Unit together with the required documents