Quality Education, Dynamic Nation
(Pendidikan Berkualiti, Bangsa Dinamik)

Quality Education

The Ministry of Education is committed to provide equitable quality education to our future generation who are guided by
the values of Malay Islamic Monarchy, equipping them with knowledge and 21st century skills to be future ready citizens.
Developing them to become positive, responsible learners and contribute positively to the nation.

Dynamic Nation

Citizens who are able to adapt quickly to a changing environment for continuous participation in
a dynamic and sustainable economy (knowledge-based society), in order to sustain the nation’s economic development,
social and political stability and maintaining competitive advantages.

We Deliver Holistic Education to Achieve Fullest Potential for All
(Menyediakan Pendidikan yang Holistik bagi Mencapai Potensi Penuh bagi Semua)

Deliver Holistic Education

As a professional and dynamic organisation, the Ministry of Education will provide a holistic education system offering
educational programs with a relevant and meaningful curriculum, and responsive to the individuality of students.

Achieve Fullest Potential

The delivery of holistic education is translated through key stages of developmental outcomes, from early childhood to
the post-secondary education through quality delivery of our professional teachers. Teachers who will develop students
to be proud Bruneians with strong foundations to enable them to actively contribute back to the nation.