Students Entrepreneurial Mindsets As Part And Parcel To Overcome Challenges In 2020

Feb 6, 2021

The International Education and Skill Summit (TIESS) was held virtually starting on Wednesday 27 January 2021 and was attended by Awang Adna Shatriremie Bin Hj Abdul Rahman, Head of Entrepreneurship Innovation Centre (EIC), Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam one of the speakers. The annual leadership conference was organized by The Education World Forum, London, which is the World's largest gathering of Education and Skills Ministers and India Didactics Association, which is a non-profit National Association of the country and creators of Asian Summit on Education and Skills. It was held from 27-30 January 2021.

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The four-day virtual summit carried the theme "Nurturing Sustainability, Education and Learning – 2022 and beyond: Listen, contribute, collaborate and learn… Together". Awang Adna Shatriremie was invited to be a speaker on the second day of the summit along with other speakers such as Mr Gavin Dykes, Programme Director, Education World Forum and Asian Summit on Educations and Skills (USA); Dr Gun Oker-Blom, Former Director, Finnish National Agency for Education (Finland); Dr Russell J. Quaglia, Executive Director, Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations (Australia) and Dr Khalid Khan, Director General, Department of Science and Technology (Pakistan). The title for the session was "Should voice and agency be considered central to well good practice and well-run education organisations and systems?".

In the session, Awang Adna Shatriremie shared about his involvement as an educator and a mentor in the line of entrepreneurship at Universiti Brunei Darussalam prior to heading the Entrepreneurship Innovation Centre (EIC) at the Ministry of Education. At that time, he also had an opportunity to work with other students and in several European countries and the United States of America. The session focused on the importance of student interaction within their learning ecosystem during the pandemic as well as the surfacing online communication platforms that are widely practised that can benefit their educational and life goals.

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Awang Adna Shatriremie also discussed the challenge in building a platform of awareness and creativity in engaging student to student online while fulfilling their academic objectives. He added that, setting the benchmark through appealing methodologies is important but it is up to the educators to shape what the students will achieve in terms of framework, discussions, objectives and many others that were made available through online connections. This is interesting as this is when the voice of the students are 'shaped and internally curated' as creativity and innovations are naturally produced.

The Head of Entrepreurship and Innovation Centre, Ministry of Education also highlighted that the trust and respect that students in Brunei Darussalam and other parts of the world have towards their teachers also portray the beauty of the country's culture. This is achievable by putting an importance on listening to what the students are trying to say and the message they are carrying, as the art of listening forms the art of understanding one another.