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The e-Hijrah Whole School ICT Development (WSID) Showcase Event


27 Sya'ban 1435H/27 June 2014M

Tungku Link – The Ministry of Education today held the  Whole School ICT Development (WSID) Showcase Event at Chancellor Hall, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) this morning. Present as the  Guest of Honour at the Event was, Yang Mulia Awang Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Nawi,  Director of Curriculum Development, Ministry of Education.

Today's event began with the recitation of surah Al-Fatihah which was followed by a welcoming remarks by the Director of ICT, Yang Mulia Hj Abdul Rahim bin Derus.  The event also heard a speech by Dr. Baldev Singh, WSID project director.

This morning's event also saw a keynote presentation by Dan Roberts, a Deputy Head Teacher from the United Kingdom. Participants of today's showcase also had the opportunity to listen to three other presentations from the schools which had participated in the WSID project.

The WSID project is part of the e-Hijrah ICT Strategic Framework and blueprint towards transformation in education through the use of technology. The purpose of the showcase is to share how the 20 schools involved have used ICT to develop inspiring and innovative approaches to learning and teaching activities. All the 20 WSID schools are presented with awards by the guest of honour to recognise their work on the project and three educators are awarded with the 'WSID Educator Awards". The "WSID Educator Awards" went to Cikgu Zarina Hj Kadir, Principal of SM Sayyidina Husain; Cikgu Ruzanna Zainal Abidin, from SR Lambak Kanan Jln 49; and Dk Nur Zirwatul Amal Pg Hj Mohamad from STPRI.

Around 500 educators from all over the country attended the one-day event through which they have the opportunity to witness and learned from their peers who are presenting and sharing their work on the project. 

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