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THE DEPARTMENT OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION (DTE) was established in 1993 under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education to carry out two major aims:

1. To support and promote the development of human resources through the provision of VTE services to the community, government and private sectors.

2. To achieve the above aims, the Department of Technical Education is guided by its vision which is “Excellence in technical education and training” and by its mission which is “To develop a competitive, dynamic and quality workforce through technical education and training consistent with national aspirations”.
The Department is charged, among other responsibilities, with:

Ensuring that VTE institutions offer programmes which are relevant to the socio-economic development of Brunei.

Evaluating and maintaining appropriate standards through a regular system wide review of VTE and training programmes.

Promoting VTE programmes which provide people with the skills needed for creating their own enterprises in order to create jobs and future economic expansion.

Establishing apprenticeship training schemes to meet the skills requirements of the economy, in cooperation and collaboration with the public and private sectors.

Advising and cooperating in the development of secondary school curricula and subjects leading to vocational careers and further vocational and technical education.

Providing students with the opportunity to explore career options to help them realise their capabilities and potential for success in the world of work.

Promoting greater access to learning and career opportunities by bridging the gap between academic and vocational and technical education.
Excellence in technical education and training.
Committed to develop a competitive, dynamic and quality workforce through technical education and training consistent with national aspirations.
Acting Director of Technical Education:Dr Chin Wei Ke​h
Address:Simpang 347, Jalan Pasar Baharu​
Gadong BE1310
Bandar Seri Begawan
Brunei Darussalam
Contact:Tel : +673 2422300 / 673 2425555
Fax : +673-2422303
E-Mail Address : ,
Organizational Structure

Structures & Functions
While VTE has been formally provided in the country since 1970, and Continuing Education since 1958, the Department of Technical Education (DTE) itself has been operating as a separate department only since 1993. Recently it conducted an internal review of its operations in order to identify areas which need strengthening so that it will be better equipped to carry out its mission. One of the outcomes of the internal review is a new structure (See Figure1). At present, DTE is divided into five divisions namely, Professional Services Division, Continuing Education Division, Finance Services Division and Curriculum Development Division. Its staff strength is 78 as of year 2006. These units and their respective areas of responsibility are shown in Table 1In 2006, 4,288 VTE students, of whom 1,940 (45%) were female, were enrolled in all the VTE institutions. The Continuing Education Division under DTE attracts more than 2,500 students annually for the courses offered.​