​Co-Curricular Activities
Apart from the formal school curriculum, students participate in co-curricular activities (CCAs) which provide healthy recreation, instill self-discipline, and nurture leadership, teamwork and confidence.CCAs have been a constant area of growth and are intended to provide for character development and physical growth in each student.The CCAs range from sports and games, uniformed organisations, music, to various clubs like photography and computer.
School Facilities
The Ministry strives to ensure that schools are equipped with facilities intended for a balanced education. Apart from libraries, special rooms are allotted for ICT, science laboratories, home science, and art.Other facilities include multi-purpose halls and sports amenities like track and field, netball, football, futsal and takraw courts.
School Fees & Miscellaneous Fees
Children attending primary level do not have to pay school fees. They pay a nominal amount for miscellaneous fees, which schools use to help finance certain activities and special programmes. Students at secondary and pre-university levels pay subsidized school fees.Citizens who attend private schools at the primary and secondary levels may also apply for an education allowance. Students will need to be at least 5 years old to be eligible.
The School Year
The school year consists of 4 terms of around 10 to 12 weeks each. The academic year begins on 02 January with a 4-week break at the end of the year. Subject to minor changes, the school terms are generally as follows:

Term 1: Early January – Mid March
Term 2: Late March – Mid June
Term 3: Late June – End of August
Term 4: Mid September – End of November