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Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council 

Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council was established in 1990 by decree of His Majesty The Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam. The Council is assisted by ten (10) Academic sub-committees and (5) Skills sub-committees whose responsibility is to assess and evaluate qualifications and to make recommendations to the Council in the following disciplines:

Academic Skill Sub-Committee

  • Accountancy and Management
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Islamic Religious Studies
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Military
  • Info-Communication Technology

Skill Sub-Committee

  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Info Communication and Technology
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Transportation and Logistics

To establish a national and international reputable accrediting agency.

To ensure and maintain the quality and standard of educational credentials in accordance with the provisions set by the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam

Aims and Objectives
  • To assess and ascertain the value and status of any qualifications.
  • To ensure the evaluation processes and assessment criteria are consistent in accordance with national priorities. 
  • To establish appropriate accreditation guidelines and to publish directories of qualifications and institutions accredited by the Government of His Majesty The Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam. 

Functions and Responsibilities of the Council
  • To consider and evaluate the status and quality of qualifications awarded by various local and overseas institutions
  • To set up, if necessary, appropriate committees including special and ad hoc to assist the Council pertaining to the evaluation and assessment of qualifications in various subjects or disciplines
  • To act upon matters relating to the Council’s responsibilities either as directed by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam or if and when the Council considers it appropriate and necessary to do so
  • To review the status of any qualifications as and when the Council sees it fit or necessary

Secretariat of Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council
Yang Mulia Awang Haji Mohd. Fadzillah bin Haji Abdullah
2nd Floor, Block B
Ministry of Education
Old Airport Road
Berakas BB3510
Brunei Darussalam
Tel. No.: +673 2380017
Fax No.: +673 2381238

  • The Head of the Secretariat is the Executive Secretary.
  • The Secretariat of the Council provides administrative support, prepares case studies, organises meetings, provides consultancy services and deals with queries, as well as correspondences

Functions and Responsibilities of the Secretariat
  • To act as a reference body by providing assistance and advice concerning accreditation and recognition of qualifications and institutions to government departments, private sectors and individuals
  • To make recommendations concerning accreditation in terms of policies, criteria, procedures, processes and priorities
  • To establish contacts and organize discussions with overseas institutions or other similar bodies
Public Accountability

The Secretariat is committed to providing professional consultancy services through:

  • Telephone or face-to-face
  • Correspondence and e-mail
  • A series of seminars, talks and forums for government and private sectors
  • The Secretariat is accessible to the public disseminates relevant information

Accreditation Process

The accreditation process involving new cases normally follows the procedures below: 

  • Receiving and acknowledging queries or applications
  • Gathering relevant information
  • Preparing working papers or case studies for the relevant sub-committees
  • Submitting the papers to the sub-committees for recommendations
  • Submitting the recommendations to the Council of assessment and decision
  • Conveying the Council’s decisions to the appropriate applicants
  • The length of time taken to arrive at decisions of new case varies from case to case depending on  the nature of cases being considered

However, decisions based on precedent cases or cases of comparable nature are immediate.

Organization Structure
English Ver_BDNAC Sec Org Structure_2020.png

Brunei Darussalam Qualifications Framework
Brunei Darussalam Qualifications Framework (BDQF) comprises of eight (8) levels hierarchy covering qualifications in the school, technical and higher education sectors. The BDQF is used as a tool to develop guidelines that classify qualifications based on criteria agreed at the national level and benchmarked with international good practice.

The framework explains the level of learning, achieved learning outcomes of study areas, and a credit system based on student academic load. This criterion applies to all qualificiations recognised in Brunei Darussalam, thereby integrating and linking all qualifications recognised within the country.

Level descriptors have been developed for all the eight (8) levels of the BDQF, defined by the nature of characteristics outcomes of learning at each level in terms of five (5) domains that is, (i) Knowledge and understanding; (ii) Practice: Applied Knowledge and Understanding; (iii) Generic Cognitive Skills; (iv) Communication, ICT and Numeracy Skills and (v) Autonomy, Accountability and Working with others (the level of independence).

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Accredited Local Private Higher Education Institutions and its Courses
There are 8 private higher education institutions in Brunei Darussalam;

1. International Graduate Studies College - List of Courses
2. Laksamana College of Business -​ List of Courses
3. Micronet International College - List of Courses
4. Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology - List of Courses​
5. KEMUDA Institute Services Sdn. Bhd - List of Courses​
6. BICPA Academy Sdn. Bhd - List of Courses​
7. Mahakarya Institute of the Arts Asia - List of Courses​
8. HADtech College - List of Courses
9. JPMC College of Health Sciences - List of Courses​

Please be noted that any qualification that is not listed in the entry requirement set by the BDNAC are required to refer to Secretariate of BDNAC for further advise and information.

For the purpose of application to the Private Higher Education Institutions, applicants are advised to contact the institutions directly. 

Document Download
Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council Order, 2011

Application Form
1. Recognition of Qualification
2. Application Guideline for Recognition of Programs/ Courses Conducted by Private Institutions

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