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​Quality School Curriculum, Dynamic Nation

​We provide holistic curriculum to achieve fullest potential for all

​Director​Yang Mulia Awang Ali Hamdani bin Haji Md Diah (Acting Director)
​Address​Ministry of Education New Building
Old Airport Road, 
Berakas BB3510
Brunei Darussalam

Textbooks and Resource Materials Distribution Center, Pusar Ulak

​Tel : +673 2384333/2384061/2384067
Fax : +673 2382146

Tel: 238433 ext 313/ 304


The Curriculum Development Department is one of the departments that supports the Ministry of Education initiatives, projects and programs in achieving the ministry's KPI.

Towards that, the department provides quality curriculum materials according to current needs and developments.

Apart from that, the department also implements education initiatives, projects and programs to improve student achievement.


    To produce and disseminate quality curriculum, based on the needs and aspirations of the country and diversify curriculum materials to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

    ​Functions/ Roles
    • To study, plan and prepare school curriculum programmes in accordance with the national education policy.
    • To prepare and publish curriculum materials such as syllabi, teachers' guides, textbooks, workbooks and teaching aids either in print or electronic medium.
    • To trial and evaluate various plans and curriculum materials in a controlled manner within the classroom.
    • To evaluate and improve curricular programmes and other materials so as to determine their suitability and to monitor the quality of materials produced. 
    • To guide the teachers in the use of prepared programmes and materials so that they are properly oriented in the use of these materials.
    • To disseminate information relating to a new practice and innovation in curriculum development.
    • To review, evaluate and recommend basic textbooks, supplementary and reference books as well as other teaching learning materials for use in schools.
    • To undertake coverage on educational programmes and documentations for use by schools and other interested parties.





    Unit Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa-Bahasa Lain / English and Other Languages Unit (UBB)


    • English Language (Primary)
    • English Language (Secondary)
    • Literature in English (Secondary)
    • French (Secondary)
    • Mandarin (Secondary)
    • Functional English & Communication (SAP)
    • Brunei Darussalam Literacy National Standards



    Unit Matematik / Mathematics Unit (UMA)


    • Mathematics (Primary)
    • Mathematics (Secondary)
    • Additional Mathematics (Secondary)
    • Numeracy (SAP)
    • Brunei Darussalam Numeracy National Standards
    3.Unit Sains / Science Unit (USN)
    • Science (Primary)
    • Science (Secondary)
    • Biology (Secondary)
    • Chemistry (Secondary)
    • Physics (Secondary)
    • Combined Science (Secondary)



    Unit Estetika / Aesthetics Unit (UES)


    • Pendidikan Jasmani (Rendah)
    • Pendidikan Jasmani (Menengah)
    • Pendidikan Jasmani (SAP)
    • Drama Education (Secondary)


    5.Unit Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak / Early Childhood Education Unit (UPA)
    • Prasekolah
    • Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak dan Kemahiran Asas


    6.Unit Media dan Sumber Pendidikan / Media and Educational Resources Unit (UMP)
    • Perkhidmatan pengambaran dan liputan seranta
    • Rakaman dan penyuntingan video dan audio
    • Penyediaan bahan-bahan sumber media pendidikan
    • Merakamsalin bahan-bahan pendidikan
    • Penyediaan dan bantuan teknikal
    • Perkhidmatan Perpustakaan



    Unit Perkhidmatan Multimedia / Multimedia

    Services Unit (UPM)


    • Perkhidmatan multimedia dalam dan luar jabatan
    • Penyediaan grafik, animasi, ilustrasi, rekaletak dan rekabentuk bagi bahan-bahan dan sumber kurikulum



    Unit Bahasa dan Kesusasteraan Melayu / Malay Language and Literature Unit



    • Bahasa Melayu (Rendah)
    • Bahasa Melayu (Menengah)
    • Kesusasteraan Melayu (Menengah)
    • Kemahiran Bahasa Melayu (SAP)
    • Standard Kebangsaan Literasi Bahasa Melayu


    9.Unit Pengajian Kemasyarakatan / Social Studies Unit (UKM)
    • Social Studies (Primary)
    • Social Studies (Secondary)
    • History (Secondary)
    • Geography (Secondary)



    Unit Seni Kreatif dan Teknologi / Creative Art and Technology Unit (UKT)


    • Lukisan & Reka Bentuk (Rendah)
    • Business, Art & Technology (Secondary)
    • Art & Design (Menengah)
    • Art & Design (SAP)
    • Design and Technology (Secondary)
    11.Unit Vokasional dan Teknikal / Vocational and Technical Unit (UVT)
    • Food & Nutrition (Secondary)
    • Agriculture (Secondary)
    • Fashion and Fabrics (Secondary)
    • Kemahiran Hidup (SAP)


    12.Unit Keusahawanan dan Perdagangan / Entrepreneurship and Business Unit (UKP)
    • Commerce (Secondary)
    • Principle of Accounts (Secondary)
    • Accounting (Secondary)
    • Business Studies (Secondary)
    • Economics (Secondary)
    • Enterprise IGCSE (Secondary)


    13.Unit Projek Khas / Special Project Unit (UPK)
    • Program, projek, inisiatif Jabatan Perkembangan Kurikulum dan Kementerian Pendidikan



    Unit Pendidikan Islam Dan

    Bahasa Arab / Islamic Studies And Arabic Language Unit (UPI)


    • Asas Pengetahuan Ugama Islam (Rendah)
    • Pengetahuan Ugama Islam (Menengah)
    • Bahasa Arab (Menengah)
    • Tarbiyah Islamiah (SAP)

    Unit Melayu Islam Beraja / Malay Islamic Monarchy Unit (UMIB)


    • Melayu Islam Beraja (Rendah)
    • Melayu Islam Beraja (Menengah)
    • Melayu Islam Beraja (SAP)


    16.Unit Teknologi Maklumat / Information and Technology Unit
    • ICT (Primary)
    • ICT (SAP)
    • Computer Science (Secondary)
    • GEMS
    • INEiS
    • Website JPK



    Unit Latihan, Perkembangan dan Penyelidikan Akademik / Training, Development and Academic Research Unit (ULP)


    • Permohonan Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan
    • Penyelarasan taklimat/bengkel/orientasi unit-unit
    • Penyelarasan lawatan-lawatan pengarah


    18.Unit Penerbitan / Publication Unit (UPN)
    • Proses penerbitan bahan-bahan kurikulum dan bahan-bahan sumber/sokongan
    • Pengagihan bahan-bahan kurikulum dan bahan-bahan sumber/sokongan
    • Pemantauan kawalan harga buku-buku


    19.Unit Pentadbiran / Administration Unit (UPD)
    • Hal ehwal Pentadbiran Jabatan Perkembangan Kurikulum
    • Hal ehwal Kewangan Jabatan Perkembangan Kurikulum


    Organization Structure
    JPK OC (Eng).PNG

    *Updated 13/03/2019