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​Towards Excellence in Primary and Secondary Education

Provide Direction and Effective Support System Towards Achieving High Quality and Performing Schools 

Yang Mulia Dayang Marina Chek binti Bujang (Acting)​
​Address​2nd Floor, Block 2J2:02
Ong Sum Ping Condominium
Jalan Jawatan Dalam
Bandar Seri Begawan, BB1311
Brunei Darussalam
​Contact​Tel: +673 2230511 / +673 2230513
Fax: +673 2230515

​Function/ Focus

1. Implement, supervise and monitor Education policies and regulations as well as programs/initiatives in line with the Education and Philosophy Act of the Malay Islamic Monarchy towards ensuring that the management and administration of departments and schools are on the right track in accordance with circulars, memorandums, guidelines and calendars provided to maximize efforts towards helping effective school management.

2. Ensuring that the programs and activities implemented enable and improve the quality of education (effective teaching & learning) and the quality of school management and administration towards building high-quality and high-performing schools and balanced students who move in line with Vision 2035.

3. Cooperate with all departments in the Ministry of Education, other ministries, private and non-governmental agencies in an effort to strive for excellence in Education towards producing highly educated and skilled students/people in line with the vision and mission of the Ministry of Education and Vision 2035.

4. Provide assistance and advice to schools regarding the implementation of Educational Policies, Rules and Regulations, Educational Orders and Acts, Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines (SOPs and Guidelines).

5. Provide guidance services to schools in the implementation of educational programs and initiatives according to priority.

6. Provide support and services to schools in the course of daily school affairs and the administration of educational resources which includes aspects of human resources, supplies/finances, facilities, services, school infrastructure, the safety and well-being of teachers, students and school staff.



To ensure the Education Policy (SPN21 and the Integration System), Education Act and Order that are currently imposed are adhered to and implemented well in all government schools according to the specified levels of schooling.

To ensure all projects, programs and initiatives of the Ministry of Education are well implemented in schools based on the specified implementation guidelines.

To ensure the strategies for supervision and implementation of projects/programs/initiatives as well as monitoring and evaluation provided by this Department are effective in helping schools move towards reaching the levels of high-quality and high-performing schools.

To ensure the programs and initiatives planned and implemented by schools

enable and elevate the quality of both education and management/ the high quality and high performance of school administration.

To ensure the schools' daily routine runs smoothly, systemically and safe as well as to ensure the welfare and well-being of the school members are well protected at all times.

To continuously establish cooperation with all of the departments in the Ministry of Education as well as with other stakeholders such as departments and agencies from various ministries and associations for support, assistance and cooperation for the schools' benefits.​


To strengthen understanding and support with regards to the direction of the Ministry of Education towards achieving the vision, mission and goals of Education and Wawasan Brunei 2035.

To provide and deliver a robust and cohesive support system to schools to ensure that all programs/projects/initiatives of the Ministry of Education are implemented effectively and successfully.

To improve the leaders and the school leadership team's leadership skills towards a smooth and manageable school's daily administration and management and in accordance with the four main focus areas in the Whole School Evaluation (WSE), procedural standards, guidelines, rules, acts and orders of Education that currently exist.

To collaborate with various stakeholders in developing the capacity of leaders and school leadership teams in various leadership, mainly instructional leadership which is towards improving academic achievement and student self- worth.

To maximize the school leadership team's potential in identifying their career development towards a successful succession planning among school leaders.


To ensure the affairs and framework related to the corporate division, including financial administration and management, execution and compliance to policies and regulations, data and information management, monitoring of school infrastructure and facilities, public relations and general administration are managed, administered, implemented and monitored well to provide efficient and effective services to schools.


To ensure Administration and General Management affairs as well as finances and supplies of the school's needs are managed and handled well and in accordance with the current Regulations and Laws including matters related to the collection and also data and information updates pertaining to schools, students, teaching and non-teaching staff are the current ones and available at all times.


To ensure the matters related to Administration and Management of staff and officers in all government schools and Schools Department offices, which also includes in public relations, Inter-Ministerial projects, Educational Institutions as well as contributions and donations from various agencies are managed, administered and supervised well according to the Rules and Guidelines set.


Memastikan semua hal ehwal pengurusan dan peruntukan kewangan dan perbekalan keperluan sekolah diurus dan dikendali dengan baik, cekap dan teratur termasuk memberikan khidmat bantu dan nasihat kepada pemimpin sekolah serta pemantauan terhadap pengurusan kewangan, kunci kira-kira dan kutipan hasil sekolah.


To ensure all data related to teaching staff and students (TSDC) is always updated and organized, this includes school attendance data (SAMS) and marking (SPAMS), this is in addition to providing support services regarding the supply and maintenance of teaching aids to schools.


To ensure all matters related to school management leadership which includes teaching, learning and assessment as well as policies and guidelines are monitored and evaluated in the best possible way, this is in addition to providing guidance and advice to schools regarding the implementation of programs and initiatives of the Ministry of Education, departments and schools are to be implemented and managed well, smoothly and in accordance with.


To ensure that data and information related to academics are updated as well as the programs and academic initiatives run by ministries, departments and schools are properly and effectively monitored and supervised, this is in addition to providing assistance and advice to schools on how to run or lead any academic committees and educational services in schools.


To ensure all academic matters related to the management of academic meetings and Subject Based Committees (SBC), internal assessment (SBA, SPE, SBE) and public examinations (PSR, GCE O and A level), implementation of the SPN21 and STEAM curriculum as well as any academic improvement programs and the channeling of students to various streams are closely supervised, monitored and provided any assistance and support required.


To ensure, Special programs which are initiated by the Ministry of Education in the primary, secondary and sixth form schools are implemented smoothly, perfectly and effectively, as to achieve the goals and objectives of the program in accordance with the guidelines provided.

To ensure a supportive working relationship among departments in the ministries as well as with the government and private education agencies, to ensure a collaborative and successful implementation of special programs in schools.


Career Education Unit is responsible in ensuring that the services and the management of Career Education programs in schools are carried out successfully, effectively and in an orderly manner in accordance to the standards of the Career Guidelines for Educational institutions.


Library Service Unit is responsible in ensuring that libraries in schools are managed and functioning well to provide services to all users as well as providing any assistance and support to the school's efforts to instill the reading interest among students.


To ensure student safety is always maintained, their well-being and welfare are given attention and care as well as the development of student personality is formed, developed and strengthened through various appropriate programs and initiatives in order to instill and increase confidence and self-belief to become a responsible and steadfast citizen of the country.


To ensure the affairs of student well-being and the development of student personality are constantly taken care of and given attention by means of implementing various programs and initiatives with various interested agencies so that all students can enjoy and follow education safely, peacefully and cheerfully.


To ensure the student welfare, especially those who are eligible for the 'Bantuan Keperluan Pendidikan Tahunan dan Kemudahan' Dalam Negeri as well as the aid and donation programs from public and private sectors to receive the stipulated help and services to enable them to go to school happily and comfortably.


To ensure the management of foreign and stateless students residing in this country is efefctively and efficiently carried out and in accordance with the rules and regulations stated as well as providing assistance and services to schools and students in terms of school transfer applications and entrance to either Government and Private education instituitions.

​Organization Structure


Updated 09.08.2023