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Quality Entrepreneurial and Innovative Education Towards a Dynamic Nation.

To align and synergise the entrepreneurial initatives under the Ministry of Education in creating a value-added and impactful educational experience that builds towards the improvement of the student's mindset and sustainability.


Yang Mulia Adna Shatriremie bin Hj A. Abdul Rahman
Entrepreneurship Innovation Centre (EIC)
1st Floor, Block C
Lifelong Learning Building
Jalan 10 Selatan
RPN Kg. Lambak Kanan
Tel/ Fax: 2381707

The Entrepreneurship Innovation Centre (EIC) is established to provide a variety of Entrepreneurship and Innovation education programmes and activities in primary, secondary and higher institutions. It is also aimed to produce talented and skilled students in entrepreneurship as well as making the field as one of their potential career paths in the future. The Entrepreneurship Innovation Centre (EIC) is a Centre under the purview of the Deputy Permanent Secretary Office (Core Education) which started their operations in November 2019 with 7 staff members that is headed by an Acting Assistant Director and assisted by 4 Officers secondment (full time), 1 officer from IBTE secondment (part time) and 1 clerk.

  • Developing an ecosystem and special platforms for pragmatic education in entrepreneurship and innovation for K-13 level covering all primary and secondary schools, including higher education institutions under the Ministry of Education.
  • Increasing awareness, interest and knowledge for students and teachers to participate in training programmes organized by EIC from time to time.
  • Creating a platform for students at primary and secondary level including higher education institutions interested in engaging the field of pragmatic entrepreneurship which is also known as startup platforms.
  • Helping to facilitate the process of transitioning the mindsets of students and teachers at the K-13 level including higher education institutions for the preparation to enter the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in the era of entrepreneurship and innovation education.
  • Collaborating with existing units within the ministry (such as Department of Co-Curriculum Education, Department of Curriculum Development, STEP Centre, Department of Special Education and others) through pre-established groups from their respective Departments such as existing Clusters, School-Based Committee groups and also through subject lessons for example Business Art and Technology (BAT) and Design and Technology (D&T).


  1. To raise entrepreneurial mindset awareness and emphasis on both entrepreneurship and innovation education through programs and activities provided to students and teachers under the Ministry of Education.
  2. To build the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems from the primary level to the higher education as well as to coordinate and build the synergy of all entrepreneurial and innovation initiatives under the Ministry of Education to achieve its vision and mission.
  3. To provide support, co-operation and linkage to stakeholders within the Ministry of Education and external agencies in particular to programmes and activities related to entrepreneurship and innovation education carried out by EIC.

Organisation Structure
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