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 Quality education, dynamic nation 

To promote STEAM Education towards innovation through the implementation of high value STEAM programmes


Yang Mulia Dayang Hajah Suriani binti Haji Noor Hashim
Science Technology Environment Partnership Centre (STEP Centre)
2nd Floor, Block A
Bangunan Sekolah Rendah Pengiran Anak Puteri Besar
Jalan Lumapas, Kampong Lupak Luas
Mukim Lumapas, BJ2524
Brunei Darussalam
Contact Information
Tel. No.    : 2335961/ 2200163
Fax No.    : 2335963
E-mail      :
Instagram: stepcentrebrunei

About Us

Science Technology Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre main mission is to promote STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Design & Technology, Art, and Mathematics) through an effective engagement in STEAM Education towards Innovativeness. This is achieved through the development of student's understanding of and interest in STEAM Education by means of providing platforms to implement high value STEAM Programs through strong networking and effective partnership.

A total of seven (7) iconic programs were developed to encourage more participations of students in STEAM activities. The seven programs are:

  1. F1 in Schools (competition)
  2. Students in STEAM (competition)
  3. R.E.A.L. Learning (pipeline competition)
  4. STEAM Outreach Programme (outreach & training)
  5. Green School Gardening (training & support)
  6. Green Initiatives (support platform)
  7. STEAM for Future (skills training)


To ensure:
  • Student’s understanding of and interest in STEAM Education.
  • Student’s engagement in STEAM Education.
  • Improved Quality of Innovativeness and through Strong Networking and Effective Partnership.
  • The development of enabling STEAM Education resources (programmes and opportunities for involvement).


  • To provide platform for schools and to assist teachers in encouraging and increasing the involvement of students in STEAM activities and programmes.
  • To increase the number of students' enrollment in STEAM programmes and Science stream.
  • Cultivate students' interests and provide understanding about the importance of STEAM subjects and programmes.
  • Give equal opportunities to all students and not just Science stream students to enroll in STEAM programs.
  • To ensure the quality and relevance of the STEAM Programmes.
  • To support Ministry of Education's effort to improve student's innovativeness and problem-solving skills.
  • To cultivate the innovative mindset and culture within the students.

  • Administration and Finance Unit
  • STEAM Enhancement Unit
  • Innovation Unit 
    Engineering, ICT and Technology Programme
    - Agriculture and Environment Programme


The role of Science, Technology and Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre is to promote the importance of STEAM Education and give early exposure to students in schools regarding STEAM Skills Science, Technology, Engineering, Design & Technology, Art, and Mathematics). STEP Centre offers four (04) services to ensure the effectiveness of STEAM programs and skills.

Types of Services


7 Iconic Programmes Offered


1.       F1 in Schools

2.       Students in STEAM

3.       R.E.A.L. Learning

STEAM OUTREACH PROGRAMME 4.     For the Year 2021, 20 packages of STEAM Outreach are offered (the total of packages offered depends on the packages offered by strategic partners).


5.       Green School Gardening

6.       Green Initiatives


Awareness and Roadshow/ Visits


STEP Centre in collaboration with local government and private agencies such as UBD, UTB, IBTE, TSB, JASTRe, SEL, and DWS, conducts awareness programs and visits that promotes sustainable skills and expose students to relevant knowledge as required by the schools.


Schools are invited to visit facilities available at STEP Centre.


As an effort to inculcate STEAM among students, STEP Centre provides guidance and advice to schools in conducting STEAM activities. Through consultancy, STEP Centre can also help direct schools to the relevant parties through STEP's strong networking & partnerships.


Training and Coaching

STEP Centre offers training and coaching services to students through guided participation mechanism. STEP also offers skills training including proposal and report writing, presentation and communication skills, relevant for national and regional competitions such as CIPTA, BICTA, SSYS Plus and Young Inventors Challenge.

Organisation Chart
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*updated 17.02.2022