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Create Highly Skilled, Well Educated Graduates Towards Nation Building

To Provide Scholarship to Qualified Students to Realise Their True Potential and National Aspirations

Yang Mulia Awang Julaihi bin Mohamad/Mohamat 
Address5th floor, Block C, 
Ministry of Education 
Old Airport Road Berakas, BB3510 
Negara Brunei Darussalam
ContactTel: +673 2380019 
Fax: +673 2380701 

Roles of Scholarship Section
  • Manage the award of Government Scholarship Scheme to study abroad under Ministry of Education (i.e First Degree, Master, Professional and PhD) 
  • Monitoring Government Scholarship Students under Ministry of Education
  • Manage the award of students studying abroad under Educational Loan Scheme (SBPP)
  • Manage the sending of students and Scholarship under Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Programme (i.e University of Otago & Auckland University) and Twinning Programme of UBD (i.e Medicine) and UTB (i.e Petroleum Engineering)
  • Coordinating Scholarship Scheme offered by Other Agencies (i.e Royal Brunei Airlines)
  • Education Attache’ – London, Australia & Malaysia
  • Registration of private students to study abroad (i.e Brunei Citizen and Permanent Residents only)

Main Scholarship Requirement
1. Brunei Citizen (Yellow IC)

2. Minimum credit C6 in Bahasa Melayu BC-GCE 'O' Level

3. Minimum: -
3.1 Credit C6 in English GCE 'O' Level, or
3.2 Grade C in IGCSE English as a second language, or
3.3 Grade c in General Paper BC-GCE 'A' Level, or
3.4 Overall Band of 6.5 in IELTS (acquired no more than 2 years back)

4. Age limit as follows (during the application year): -
4.1 Below 26 on September 1st for First Degree Applicant
4.2 Below 30 on September 1st for Post-Graduate Applicant

Organisation Structure
Scholarship OG ENG.jpg
​Counter Service Operating Hour During Ramadan

Monday to Thursday & Saturday: 8.15 am-12.00 pm.


  Government Scholarship - Study Abroad

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  Government Scholarship - Local Study

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  Skim Bantuan Pinjaman Pendidikan (SBPP)

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  Private Students (Studying Abroad) 

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   Iklan Jawatan Kosong

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